At present, there are 33 Sainik Schools functioning all over the country. From the academic session 2021-22, girl candidates are also eligible for admission to Class VI in all 33 Sainik Schools.

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All 100 schools are proposed to be affiliated to Sainik Schools Society. Such affiliated Sainik Schools will be provided with part financial support to incentivise the effort.

The aim of establishing Sainik Schools is to prepare children academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy and to develop qualities of body, mind and character which will enable the young boys to become good and useful citizens.

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The endeavor is to provide schooling opportunities in ‘CBSE Plus’ type of educational environment by involving desirous Government/Private schools/NGOs to partner in establishing/aligning their system with Sainik Schools’ ethos, value system and national pride. It envisages enrolling existing/upcoming schools to be run on the lines of Sainik Schools’ curriculum.


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Ministry of Defence

Union Budget proposes to set up 100 new Sainik Schools in partnership with NGOs/private schools/states

Posted On: 02 FEB 2021 4:13PM by PIB Delhi

Union Budget for Financial Year 2021-22 has proposed to set up 100 new Sainik Schools in the country, in partnership with NGOs/private schools/state owned schools etc. Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman had presented the Budget in Parliament on February 01, 2021. 

Congratulations to Col Dushant Sonawane for Sena Medal.

Dushant is 2000 PO

आपला सातारा सैनिक चा विद्यार्थी श्री अभिजित पाटील रा.सावरी ता.निलंगा याने ऊसतोड कामगार महिला पाणी आणायला गेल्यास पाय घासरून विहरित पडल्याने ती बुडत असताना तात्काळ स्वतःचे जीवाची पर्वा न करता विहीरीत उडी मारून जीव वाचवला म्हणून आम्ही त्यास तात्काळ पोलिस स्टेशनला बोलावून त्यांचा सत्कार केला.

- by API Sudhir Suryawanshi 2000 PO

Watch "Ancient Updates To Surya Siddhanta | Nilesh Oak |Indian Astronomy |#SangamTalks | Archaeo-Astronomy" on YouTube 

Small correction

* Adish's father-in-law is an Ajinkyan 73 PO.

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Have given application to CS and collector ... both have given permission .... proactively have given my hospital for COVID care ... 12 beds ICU ... 4 ventilators , 2 HFNO , all 30 beds with oxygen support ..... see you on the other side guys

Dr. Adish Patil is 2000 PO and his dad is also an Ajinkyan.

Recently been seeing a lot good old movies and TV series; almost all of them are available on YouTube for free. Here is a list which can help you explore Indian Cinema which we might have skipped due to heavy marketing or extra commercialization.

1. Suraj ka Satwa Ghoda
2. Nishant
3. Manthan (1st crowd funded)
4. Laughing Buddha
5. Malgudi Days (TV)
6. Bhumika
7. Bhuvan Shone
8. Ek ruka huva fesala
9. Malgudi Days
10. Byomkrsh Bakshi

In fact most of the above movies are by Shyam Benegal.

To the response of the this startup supporter shown a great support on the twitter and HDFC took their site down and later removed our copied designs.

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Hdfc Sec launches MF portfolio analyser product. But seems they were well inspired :) .. including designs, text, fonts, icons, and design language (contour lines).

Focus on inclusion.

Students with access to resources like Internet, computer or parents who-teach-their-kids would definitely have edge over others without it. In this pandandemic situation, let teachers help the ones without right access. If scaling is the problem, let school run some mentorship program. Senior-students/parents/volunteers can reach the specific students in need.


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Don't share course content & videos on WhatsApp.

Use WA for just chat and sharing links. Create content on Upload videos on the YouTube. Make comments/like disabled.


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Creating a good video content is difficult.

Its better to share links of existing good public domain contents than making teachers to create one. Ideally, it should be the responsibility of the education board/universities to provide the digital contents just like the books.


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