Recently been seeing a lot good old movies and TV series; almost all of them are available on YouTube for free. Here is a list which can help you explore Indian Cinema which we might have skipped due to heavy marketing or extra commercialization.

1. Suraj ka Satwa Ghoda
2. Nishant
3. Manthan (1st crowd funded)
4. Laughing Buddha
5. Malgudi Days (TV)
6. Bhumika
7. Bhuvan Shone
8. Ek ruka huva fesala
9. Malgudi Days
10. Byomkrsh Bakshi

In fact most of the above movies are by Shyam Benegal.

To the response of the this startup supporter shown a great support on the twitter and HDFC took their site down and later removed our copied designs.

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Hdfc Sec launches MF portfolio analyser product. But seems they were well inspired :) .. including designs, text, fonts, icons, and design language (contour lines).

Focus on inclusion.

Students with access to resources like Internet, computer or parents who-teach-their-kids would definitely have edge over others without it. In this pandandemic situation, let teachers help the ones without right access. If scaling is the problem, let school run some mentorship program. Senior-students/parents/volunteers can reach the specific students in need.


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Don't share course content & videos on WhatsApp.

Use WA for just chat and sharing links. Create content on Upload videos on the YouTube. Make comments/like disabled.


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Creating a good video content is difficult.

Its better to share links of existing good public domain contents than making teachers to create one. Ideally, it should be the responsibility of the education board/universities to provide the digital contents just like the books.


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Focus on remote assessment or progress.
Let teachers decide a topic/sub-topic with reference from the books and provide questions or quizes around that topic to assess the students progress. Chase parents for tracking their child's progress.


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Avoid remote classes using real time Internet tools

Forget Internet, most students will not have access to computer or even a mobile on specified time.

So dont design courses with live video/audio communication. Having it will benefit only a limited few.


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Have a minimal website or web-page or a blog page.

Announcement can be made here and its link can be shared in SMS/Chat. Website provides ways to correct the contents once posted.

One can explore good old blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger; which are free and doesn't require viewers to have login.


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... Besides there is also a cost of implementing &/or maintenaning these LMS platform which management is trying to avoid given the uncertainty of pandemic timeline.


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*Have LMS if possible*

Eg., Moodle is feature rich learning management solution; its and can even be self hosted

But, using it and/or creating content on it has a learning curve especially for the teachers &/ management who are used to highly engineered and addictive-by-design platforms like Facebook, Whatapp or other social media apps. ...


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Many (old) schools are troubling to adjust with this forced digitization of education due to covid pandemic. Answer to everything can not be a WhatsApp group

Howto on minimal online education.

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Few take aways

1. Maintain Checking account (apart from your saving account)
2. Use feature phone for your main phone number
3. Run firewall and anti-viruses on your computers and phones.
4. Finally "You are the final line of defense"; dont click unknown links.

✒️ The Satara Sainik School Past Students’ Association*
💐 *Social Initiative* 💐
Dear Ajinkyans
We are conducting Zoom meeting sessions for fellow Ajinkyans.
Please join session on Sunday, 21st June, 2020 in between 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
The sessions is
1. “Understanding of Cyber Security for Common Man by Pratik Patil (2009 Batch)* - Time 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Below is the zoom link to participate:
Join Zoom Meeting

Your participation is *highly* appreciated.

Tweet from Palak Zatakia (@palakzat), at Jun 20, 6:47 PM 

Heartfelt condolences to Col.Santosh Babu who made the supreme sacrifice in action at the .RIP🙏🙏🙏

He is ex- Sainik School Korukonda. Same batch ours 1993-2000.

A wonderful gesture on part d School authorities to commemorate tomorrow's 20th Veergati Anniversary of this Gallant Ajinkyan who till date remains our School's Highest Gallantry Award Winner.

Major Pradeep Tathawade

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Ajinkyans : Sainik School Satara community.