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Batch of 2000 have planned there annual G2G at Lonawala from 7-9 th June. Ajinkyans feel free to drop by 😉

The Behemoths -

This 9 year old boy is in news for some time now in India and abroad. Above news is from page 1 of Tarun Bharat, Satara edition today 30 May and is son of Ajinkyan Captain Sachin Shinde (IN), 1991 pass out. More information on the book is available on

Met Prakash Shinde Sir in Pune MAM and someone mentioned that he has a Shourya Chakra. After googling about him I found following

Hats off to him.

BTW, it was year 1987.


The group photo and dispersed for networking with individuals while enjoying the tea.


5. Makarand raised question on when Pune Chapter Get together, like last year, will be scheduled this year?


4. Topic regarding why having a term insurance is must or why term or insurances shouldn''t be considered as investment but expenses where discussed. Also it was advised to have individual insurance plan apart from one's company or group insurance for longer benefit.


3. Sanjay Patil, 98 PO SH/RPH, passed away recently due to bone cancer. His school memories were cherished too. He was an excellent scholar and opted for teaching as profession by choice.


2. Memories of Late Balaji Maddewad, 95 PO, were cherished. Its an unfortunate event. Latur chapter have done a commendable work supporting the Maddewad's family in this tough time.


@admin Minutes from MAM

1. Bala Patil showcased the app which is under development. The app would available on Android and iOS; currently being developed independently and would need some more time to prepare the beta launch. There was question raised on how to recover the cost used for development or maintenance cost; nothing is finalized yet. We will revisit when the app is ready.


Some admin task done today

1. Upgraded the letsencrypt certificate

2. Upgraded the system to 2.8.2. Ref:

3. Updated tz to India.

Happy Hacking.

Some admin task done today

1. Upgraded the letsencrypt certificate

2. Upgraded the system to 2.8.2. Ref:

3. Updated tz to India.

Happy Hacking.

Timeline as follows-
1. Vehicle + officers reach AFMC crematorium 0800 hrs
2. 0830 vehicle leaves to the late officers residence near Symbiosis, Range Hills Pune
3. Last rites and pooja will be performed at residence. Duration 1 hr.0930 vehicle leaves to crematorium place Vaikund Dham
4. 1030 cremation

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*With extreme sorrow I have to break this sad news : Lt Cdr Arjun Nikam suffered a cardiac arrest and is no more.*

From: Pune Batch Coordinator WA Group


Date - 12th May 2019

Time - 9.00 AM To 10.00 AM

Venue - Sambhaji Garden, JM Road, Pune.

Key highlight Discussion On SSS App &
SSS App Demo by Balkrishna Patil, S05 batch.

Extremely sad news 🙁

Ajinkyan Balaji Maddewad is no more. 95 passout.

Honourable senior , great sportsman, House captain Tilak House

Yesterday GTG at aurangabad with Lt. Gn.R.R.NIMBHIRKAR SIR

Anyone from Mumbai joined the network?
Where are Mumbai MAMs held?

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Ajinkyans : Sainik School Satara community.