was conducted yesterday and 31 Ajinkyans were present. Following are its minutes

* 31st August Pune Ajiniyans G2G

1. Contributions and entries should be tried to close by 20 th August
2. There will be no discounted entry for student. Students in need can join MAM instead of G2G and reach the network.
3. Thought of skipping batch introductions on the stage to use the time for individual networking.
4. Caterer is booked.
5. Dress code doesn't need formal but shoes are must.


* Individual introductions were carried out
* Sangali Chapter has done commendeble work by starting the Water ATM.
* Ajinkyans data app is ready for launch and it's being tested in close group.
* Had photo session and did individual networking session. And personal discussion of the public grid :).


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