Have got questions like

why use ?


What's special about


Isn't it yet another social network ?

Then please follow this thread for answers


First of all its nothing like existing social networks we know. Eg., FB, Twitter or Instagram. It's not owned by any private company but our community. Its a private social network.

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It's run using a free and open source software named as Mastodon. This software is hosted on our server. Which means we, the community, owns the data .

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Its registrations are not open to public.
Instead they are provided by invitation.

Plus the platform has admin and moderators who can flag some user who doesnt belongs to the community.

Rules for admin and moderators are not set yet. Ajinkyans collectively can decide for the same.

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[4/n] the social network and site provides a default web view or website to use the network.

But, its not only way to access the network. There are plenty of Apps available on iOS and Android which support Mastodon network.

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Fedilab is one such app.

It's free and open source

For android can be downloaded from

Once installed, configure as shown in the diagram

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Ajinkyans can create theirs profile, add there latest pic or Avatar and highlight their interests.

This will help other people in community to follow them or connect with them.

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I wish, this platform to be free of charge and no membership would be charged.

Donation from our community would be accepted to just meet the cost of running this server, maintaining the domain name.

Finally, we should restrict this platform to only Ajinkyans.

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@admin where is the hosting server ? Is it managed hosting from Mastodon or we have our own server?

Its hosted on one is the AWS instance I own.

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