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Sudhir Suryanwanshi is a assistant police inspector and incharge of Aurad police station in Nilanga, tal Latur.

This Covid19 war has brought a lot of responsibility on enforcement departments. He home town is Osmanabad and have been staying near his post since the covid breakdown.

His message is to corporate with police and stay home.

Sudhir is 2000 PO


Dr Anil Nigut is a BAMS doctor and runs a general hospital near Wagholi, Pune. In this Covid pandemics he is posted at Primary Health Center near Kharadi where he does the screening of patient to identify influenza like illnesses. His wife is also a doctor and have two daughters; youngest one is 1.5 months old. Its been a while since he stayed with his family. He stays in his hospital as self quarantine.

Anil is 2000 PO.


Dr Adish Patil is a Orthopedic surgeon practicing in Satara. One of his hospital is taken as Covid hospital. His wife is an oncosurgeon. Because they work in covid exposure area they have moved their only daughter to their parents place.

His messege to individuals is to stay home and step out for essential work following social distancing.

Adish is 2000 PO.

इस्लामपुरात साकारतेय कोव्हिड सेंटर; अजिंक्‍यन्स ग्रुपने केली मदत ! -

Many thanks. 👍 👌. Myself SBKulgod. NH /TH 131 (PO 1976). Retd State Govt officer from Coop Dept. Post retirement I have had opportunity to work with Shri. Chandrakant Dalvi Sir (Ex IAS) Ex Divisional Commissioner Pune Division. He is the Chairman of SATV Foundation Pune. His thoughts and future plans post Covid-19 can be accessed in his recent talk at the address -

🙏 Regards to all.

Guys there was some glitch in the SMTP server which I fixed this morning because of which mails from the system were being dropped. came for rescue

I have flushed some the queue now.


"22 languages of India in a 3-minute video.

During these distressed times of corona, 21 civil servants and three children from across the country and beyond have come together - entirely online - to create a multilingual video.. truly reflecting our country's united fight against the virus.

Spreading the much needed message of: Courage, Faith and Compassion. Let us fight together, and win together!

Jai Hind."

I am Balaji Birajdar, 2790/TH , 1994 pass out. Faculty member in JNU since 2013. Thank you for creating this platform and enabling me to be on it.

Hi.. This is Mithun Shete, 3492/SH n TH.. 2000 PASSOUT... Currently posted as Joint Commissioner of Income Tax in Delhi.. Glad to connect..

Thank you all for the donations.
Thank you for the volunteers who made it possible to procure and distribute the shields for the Corona warriors.

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Face Shield Distribution at Chandannagar Police Station, Pune (SR. PI Shankar Khatke)

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Face Shield Distribution at Pune Police Commissioner Office, Pune (ACP. Sunil Deshmukh and ACP. Sangle)

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Face Shield Distribution at Pune Rural SP Office,Pashan Road Pune. (SP. Sandip Patil, IPS)

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Ajinkyans community collected donations from individual Ajinkyans and 1000 face shields were donated to three Ajinkyan police officers on 13th May 2020 in Pune.

Identifying from the Ajinkyan community. Its the first step towards showing our gratitude and provide helping hand.

Please reply this thread with individuals and their details.

BTW, its also an opportunity to explore the platform.

Nitin's talk is available at skip to 8:00 where actually it begins.

Inspiring talk; discussed different techniques of water & soil conservation and shared his on-field experience of implementing such schemes in his drought hit village by crowd funding & public exertion.

Please join this important meeting session on *[Tuesday, 28th April 2020]* in between 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The topics and presenters for these sessions are

*1. “Water Conservation Efforts in Rural and Urban areas - Experience Sharing” by Dr Nitin Waghmode IRS(1998 batch)* - Time - 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm

*2. “Antartica Expedition - An Experience worth sharing”by Jayprakash Jawale (1995 batch)* - Time 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Meeting ID - 682 167 5712
Password - Ajinkyan

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Ajinkyans : Sainik School Satara community.